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Great things have been happening with the blog and now we are moving to ……..

We are so excited about moving to our new home and we are in the process of redirecting the old blog, but feel free to bookmark the new address!


The Queens,


Yesterday, I tweeted that I purchased my first transition from summer to autumn piece and in response I got a gush of tweets saying “already!?!?!”. Lets face it we haven’t got many sunny days left for the year so why not prepare early, plus I have my eye on quite a few items already for next winter…. errr Topshop aviator jacket please!! Well that is untill I spotted this beauty of a jacket from H&M trend. The trend section never lets me down, its my safe haven when the ultimate chaos of Topshop starts to send me into a fashionista fit!

I simply adore the tailoring on this jacket, it is so strong yet it grips my waist perfectly! We would love to know what your key pieces for winter are ?

H&M Trend Military Jacket

H&M Trend Military Jacket with Zara Clogs

How to style clogs

Blazer-H&M Trend, Clogs-Zara, Ring H&M, Dress- New Look.



The Queens

It’s my “Sister Girl” , Tobi’s birthday today !

Tobi, (I was tempted to type in your Government name but I thought I’d spare you the embarrassment. Haha! ) you are such a beautiful, smart, selfless woman (yes, WOMAN) and I’m so blessed to know you. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday my love! You’re not only my friend or blogging partner, you’re my partner -in-crime, my right leg and most importantly my Sister!

I love you!

Dear Readers: Please leave a Birthday message for Tobi in our comment box and let’s make sure she has the best birthday ever! She’s in Germany at the moment so let’s send her a lot of Birthday Love.

P.s I had a very embarrassing photo of Tobi that I was tempted to put up, but I was afraid she’d kill me and I would like to be around for her wedding and the births of her children. 🙂

Love to my fellow Queen!

Kike x


On Friday I (Tobi) turn 22 ! What a fantastic year I have had therefore,  it is only fitting that I post a birthday wish-list. The combination of these two items are perfect for my trip to Vegas!!

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Dress – Boxing Kitten

Ring – BijulesNYC

Here are some of my fashion tips that I discovered whilst I was 21.

  1. Don’t fall into a fashion rut ! Just like anything in life that we become familiar with, we can start to feel comfortable and stop trying. Well don’t !! Fashion is fun if you allow your self to be creative and enjoy it. So its time to break free and break those chains that tie you to the familiar.
  2. Factory Stores !!! Mulberry have the best one located in Somerset. If  you can’t travel that far just call 01749 340 583!
  3. Early Morning shopping. It is proven that your brain works more effectively in the morning, so why not apply this to fashion ?
  4. Only buy what you Love. Not like ! I’m talking items that you would say “I do” for ! (but please do not re-mortgage your house in order to do so)
  5. Nars Taj Mahal blush !!! Suits just about every skin-tone, lasts forever, and is a cheaper than a trip to the Caribbean.


The Queens


Between us this month Kike and I have done rather a lot of traveling. At the moment I am in Frankfurt after an intense two weeks in the London office, working hard I must add. My knowledge of German leaves nothing to be desired, so my trip has been incredibly eventful, on the other hand I am learning a lot about my self out here. My new found discoveries came to me like an epiphany, here are some of them:

  1. I am over reliant on the internet. In my defence upon arrival, not speaking and inch of German and with a long list of work related tasks that needed to be completed via the internet. My ‘no-internet’ induced panic attack was justified.
  2. Interning is hard, you have to be constantly prepared and ridiculously helpful at all times, but it is more than worth it.
  3. I miss my friends and family dearly. So much so, that I incurred 30 mins of roaming charges on my phone, helping my mum set up skype so I could talk to my parents, regularly.
  4. My sister is like my partner in crime, life is not as funny without her.
  5. I secretly enjoy having a corporate wardrobe Monday to Friday (shhhhhh!) . Although I am currently suffering from Loubiton envy. They are everywhere in the London office !

On the weekend I went to the top of one of Frankfurt’s highest building to take in the amazing views of Germany’s financial epi-centre. The office is the third building from the left, the view from my room on the 37th floor is just as breathtaking.

The famous twin towers of Duetsche bank

The best thing about working here is the 6 minute walk to work. Beats fighting to be squashed like a rat on the jubilee line to get to Canary Wharf any day. I walk under this bridge everyday, if I were a designer this would be inspiration for my ’12 Autumn/Winter Collection.

Bag, Cardigan& Top – Zara, Shorts – Ebay Purchase

I’m looking forward to my last week in Frankfurt and coming home at the ripe old of age of 22! My childhood is officially over!


The Queens,


I’ve been a bit MIA from the blog, my apologies! I’ve been to three continents in three weeks, first Barbados, then back to London and now I’m in the States, California actually.

It’s been such a great summer so far, unfortunately I haven’t done much shopping. I always feel America doesn’t really have anything that caters to my “style”. I did however find a really cute jumpsuit which I’m wearing in the photos below. If we have any readers from the O.C or L.A, I would love it if you could suggest some really good vintage or jewellery stores!

I was feeling very colourful yesterday, with this jumpsuit I decided to wear some red lipstick and a green waistbelt -don’t be afraid to experiment with colours.

A bit of love from Barbados:

Jumpsuit – Urban Outfitters

Shades -Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lipstick -RussianRed by MAC




Stand out accessories are simply the icing on the cake! Just a quick post today, busy day ahead. At the moment I’m loving accessories that can double up as a rape weapon! The chunkier and bigger the better.

Cuff – Urban Outfitters, Two-fingered ring – H

Just by the way ….. Thank you to all of those people who commented in support on the most recent post regarding kike’s mum’s wedding. SBQ received a rather disrespectful comment recently. It was saddening because the wedding celebrations couldn’t be any more deserved by Kike’s parents. The comments were particularly pitiful because the story behind the wedding, is one of true hard work and inspiration and nothing more.  To put it all in a bit more perspective please watch the video below……… Kike, our StyleQueen is a true inspiration, I love her to bits. If you can please support the cause it truly is a great one!


The Queens,


Luton Hoo was the charming location for a fairy-tale wedding. The beautiful bride was none other than Kike’s yummy mummy. Kike had the pleasure of being maid of honour and she did it in true style and elegance. If you are a stranger to Nigerian weddings then you are missing out on the best party of your life, filled with colour, food and electric dance moves, I suggest you find one to attend soon.

It was such a busy day  but I (Kike) was able to get a few pictures of my mum before the ceremony began. My mum looked amazing in her bespoke Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi gown. Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi or LDA as I fondly call her, is an aunt of mine who I frequently refer to as the McQueen of Nigeria!

My dress was also an LDA creation but more of a mixture of LDA and Vera-Wang. The bottom half is Vera-Wang and the top half is by LDA, crazy right?

It really was an amazing day and we had a wonderful time!

The tear jerking ceremony

Kike’s dress BEFORE the transformation:

Pure Elegance

(Her dress after)

Mix match of silver and Gold

Our Beautiful friends: Laolu, Tosin & Reni (who is wearing another LDA creation).

The electric dancefloor

Kike getting down !

Kike –  Lanre De Silva Dress & Tobi – Virgos Lounge Dress

We had a wonderful day and we wish the new couple everlasting happiness. We love you both.



The Queens

It is by sheer coincidence that I have beautiful and incredibly stylish friends, with sparkling personalities to match! Christiana, on the left (aka Christianarants) and I went to school together and I have only just met Karen, which in its self is wrong, because I feel like I should have met her a long time ago!  After our screams of support for the England football team turned into laughter, we turned to an an impromptu photo-shoot!

p.s The winner of our Kage giveaway is ……….. LUCY ! Congratulations, we will organise to have your tank sent to you in the next few days.

Love ,

The Queens,



There is nothing better than walking five minuets down the road to meet beautiful people, laugh, talk fashion and of course eat!

We have a feeling that summer is going to be an eventful one! On Monday Kike’s going on holiday! I won’t tell you where just yet but I promise you it will be amazing, so check back to find out.

p.s We are still to announce the winner of the KAGE giveaway. Please bear with us we are just trying to make sure we find everyone’s tweets and ‘likes’ so make the result as fair as possible.


The Queens,



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