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Inside Balenciaga - Prada purse, Jo Malone, Mini Cooper,


Contents: Prada purse, Jo Malone perfume, business card holder, Blackberry, Vintage necklace, Prada keyring (used to be a perfume holder), sunglasses, car keys and essentially carex hand sanitizer.

Meet the lovely Hind Director of  fashion PR company Expose-communications and her mouth-watering Balenciaga.  If Russian style icon, Mirosolava Duma had to be a bag, we vote that she would be a Balenciaga. Everlasting, versatile in a trillion ways, with more than enough space for your daily essentials. We love to give you little video treats here and there, so here is a montage we put together on one of the amazing brand’s Hind represents ……

A beautiful and luscious brand that is a must for every girl’s wardrobe. Inspired by everything from vanilla ice cream to Chanel’s dream-like couture shows, the new “Holiday” 2010 collection continues to illustrate KAGE’s signature style of integrating both feminine and casual looks, which are aptly represented through a wide array of gorgeous dresses and signature tees, all oozing originality, sensuality and even a slight sense of fantasy.  Kage, is simply pretty, fun and flirty with a confident feminine edge laced to it that makes you stop and stare that moment longer. The dresses are a perfect match for summer outings and the t-shirts are sure to get you noticed at this summer’s festivals. Hang on tight for the sartorial ride because we anticipate that Kage is about do great things !

Own your own piece of the “Holiday” Collection by visiting &, get clicking !

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