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Believe it or not this outfit is the product of throwing all of my clothes onto my floor and screaming “I have nothing to wear!” Since graduating last year and starting Law school, I go out less and less. Going on a night out has become somewhat of an infrequent fantasy. All my “going out clothes” from my university years no longer fit me or match the woman I believe I’m becoming. Hence, I literally threw on an oversized t-shirt from H&M’s trend label and paired it with a skinny belt and voila! The bag is an absolute gem, and was a gift from my sister . If you’re outside london Cow Vintage is one of the best vintage stores I have ever stepped into, I thoroughly recommend it.  I took these pictures a while ago and it seems strange looking back on them now because I’ve changed my hair (again!) its a lot shorter and I now have a blonde streak in it, I must have woken up thinking I was Rihanna! I hope to show you in coming posts. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Dress- H&M Trend


Bag-Cow Vintage


The Queens,


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