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On Friday I (Tobi) turn 22 ! What a fantastic year I have had therefore,  it is only fitting that I post a birthday wish-list. The combination of these two items are perfect for my trip to Vegas!!

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Dress – Boxing Kitten

Ring – BijulesNYC

Here are some of my fashion tips that I discovered whilst I was 21.

  1. Don’t fall into a fashion rut ! Just like anything in life that we become familiar with, we can start to feel comfortable and stop trying. Well don’t !! Fashion is fun if you allow your self to be creative and enjoy it. So its time to break free and break those chains that tie you to the familiar.
  2. Factory Stores !!! Mulberry have the best one located in Somerset. If  you can’t travel that far just call 01749 340 583!
  3. Early Morning shopping. It is proven that your brain works more effectively in the morning, so why not apply this to fashion ?
  4. Only buy what you Love. Not like ! I’m talking items that you would say “I do” for ! (but please do not re-mortgage your house in order to do so)
  5. Nars Taj Mahal blush !!! Suits just about every skin-tone, lasts forever, and is a cheaper than a trip to the Caribbean.


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