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I’ve traveled back to Manchester, where Kike and I went to university. We have so many amazing memories here, especially our crazy spontaneous shopping trips. Hence, I had to fulfill tradition and I embarked on a spontaneous fashion excursion. Here are some of my favourite moments!

All smiles at the beginning of the excursion.

This dress from H&M’s trend label is soooooo yummy. The shoulder detail is amazingly glam.

Yet another fabulous Topshop creation.

I’m wearing this ring everyday for the next two weeks! Its too fierce not to!

You will not believe the price of these amazing pumps! I cant wait to launch them on a classic LBD!

My new best friends……I swore I would never be attracted to the kitten heel but I got sucked in.

The wedge is like marmite! You either loathe it or love it! Kike and I fall into the love category! I adore theses, but I had to control my urges. Nonetheless the wedge is making a comeback.

My sister bought this amazing vintage gem. From Cow Vintage in Manchester. One of the best vintage stores I’ve been to, In all my years of shopping.

I am so happy with all of my purcahses and I cant wait to rock them on a street near you. Let us know what you think.


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