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We are handbag aficionados! We love anything big and bold to carry our daily essentials in. We thought we would share with you, our beloved children. The beauty of big bags is the fact that there’s a compartment for all our randoms -and we have a lot of “randoms.” Essentials which aren’t necessarily essential to the rest of the world. But we wouldn’t leave the house without them!

The Bayswater

The Bayswater. Its an iconic ‘it’ bag, functional and stylish. I had been drooling over it for a while before I got this. There is a lot that can be said for this classic bag, but I didnt want it in the classic oak or black. I had to have it bronze !!!!

Style by Queens” Tip: If your looking for a lush Bayswater and your on a bit of a budget; try the factory store in Somerset, 01749 340 583. My friend suggested it to me. Just call them up and you’ll have your bag within two days.

Ok, my iPhone and Blackberry, I am a big communicator at heart, hence two smart phones. I love them both. My make up, Kike made a joke and said I should give it up for lent. Ha its not happening. The Nars creme blush, cactus flower is an instant prettifier. My Versace skin highlighter is ten shades too light but I use it in the inner corner of my eyes for that instant pop. The most boring thing in my bag, my Solicitors code of conduct book. I’m a lawyer to be, watch this space! My trusty primark umbrella it was with me throughout my degree and its still going strong, best umbrella ever !!!

The muse |myoōz|

My muse is my child. I wanted one the moment I set my eyes on it and I planned to get it as a gift to myself when I landed my big job in the City! Well, Christmas came early for me when I got it as a gift from my uncle last November! (He remains my favourite!) Of all the colours that day, I loved the grey one… it was an interesting contrast to the gold detail on the bag!

Ok so what goes in my bag? My Mac (whom I have christened Sophia), my make up (this on it’s own, takes up most of the bag. I’ve got my ever reliable Mineralize Powder by MAC -Deep Dark. It’s a finishing powder that gives a bronzing effect, my favourite lipgloss by MAC -Lust. I use this with a lipstick by MAC called Bare; the result of these two is hot! I also have my Impropper Copper, which is a Cream Colour Base, also by MAC. This always comes in handy, as a blusher, highlighter or just some colour for your eyes. I’ve got my NARS body glow; I just love having it around, it smells divine. Finally, I have my Raizin blusher <just in case>). I’ve also got my wallet, my Bang & Olufsen headphones, which take me to my happy place with my music :).  Hand cream is an essential; anything by Body Shop is good enough for me.

Of course the Blackberry & iPhone fit perfectly in this amazing piece of gorgeousness.

You’ll discover that Tobi & I are like twins, I also have my ever-reliable Primark umbrella. It has been by side since my 2nd year and is still going strong! ( £1.99, if you’re interested). As an aspiring lawyer, I have my Solicitor’s Code of Conduct (oh Joy) with me at all times. Lastly, my gloves; it gets way too cold for me in this country and Neurophen -I always have a headache :(.

Fashion sccop: Jordan Dunn is making a come back at the Aquascutum show tonight at London fashion week. Just 10 weeks after giving birth!!!


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