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Ever so often Kike and I fall head over heels for creations of pure fashion genius. This week’s crush is in honor of the remarkable Rachel Roy. Rachel’s collections are always the epitome of quintessential New York Chic.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces from her Fall 2010 Collection.

This outfit is defintiely a show stopper and most certainly not for the faint hearted but for the elegant and strong.

This outfit is so well put together. We love the contrast of the fabrics and this outfit screams “FIERCE”.

Tobi & I LOVE trousers. All kinds of trousers, wide-leg, slim-leg, hareem, just name it! I think this outfit might be our favourite. This shade of blue, would work for all shapes and sizes and skin tones, I think that’s why we love this outfit so much. It’s smart AND sexy and that is always a good combination.

Maxi-dresses are the truth. Any excuse to wear them and Tobi & I grab it. We especially love this dress because it can be dressed up or down and that’s always a good thing with any outfit -how many times can you wear it? The plunging neckline is gorgeous.

The colours, the fabrics, everything just makes this work. Such a fierce combination still giving off a very elegant vibe .

Strong, independent, modern woman. The textures of these pieces are amazing.

Rachel is also working on a jewellery line with Estelle. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Whitney Port in Rachel Roy. Love the contrast in fabrics. Gorgeous.

We love Rachel Roy 🙂

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Love & Fashion,

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