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I (Tobi) woke up this morning in a very Carrie Bradshaw type of mood I suddenly felt like posting  all my thoughts, feelings and observations on the blog.  This pensive state of mind took me to a place where I began to examine the realities of life. Simultaneously, Kike and I started talking about the drawbacks of the being 21 year olds striving to develop into accomplished yet stylish women of the world. Being the close friends that we are (we’re more like sisters really) we began to talk about how we should perceive ourselves and naturally as young women perhaps we look into to mirror way more than we should do. What we should be doing is looking at our hearts.


I’ve always felt the need to lose weight. People see me and immediately comment on my size saying how “tiny” and “cute” I am. For the longest time, I considered my self fat. Hard to believe but true. I felt there were bits here and there that could be a tad bit smaller, or a tad bit firmer. I should probably just come out and say it now – I am the most unfit person in the world. I once did a 10k run…. actually let me tell the truth, I ran about 2 km and walked (I strolled really) the rest of the way. Despite all of Tobi’s attempts to get me to do pilates or to do some cardio, I just can’t seem to get my head around the gym. I recently signed up at a local gym, and cancelled my membership 3 months later! It’s so easy to compare yourself to the next girl. I can’t count how many times I’ve said to myself, “I wish I had those legs” or “I wish I was that toned”; it’s only natural, but there is no such thing as a “perfect body”.

We keep hearing that we should be comfortable in our own skin. It’s so easy for people to say that and after a while it becomes a bit cliché… but the harsh reality is… IT IS THE TRUTH. The first step to actually “being comfortable” with your body type is to stop comparing yourself to others. Once you accept the body you have, it will accept you and then your confidence builds up. I am definitely not saying it should even be legal to be as unfit as I am. Exercise never hurt anyone (….well except me) but if the gym does not work for you, there are alternatives; eating healthy, walking instead of taking the bus (if possible!) etc…

Be comfortable and confident and everything else will follow.


Last summer I made the a strong and hard commitment to myself. That I was going to transform myself back into the Tobi, formally known as the sports junkie who managed to score a place on the Surrey athletics team. Three university years had swept me into a sluggish and inactive  abyss. Needless to say I was proud of my academic achievements, but not so proud about newly acquired junk that allowed me to struggle through a 5km fun run. To add more insult to injury my Mum finished the 10km run only a mere 10 minuets after me. I knew I had to get fit….

At every-moment of my journey I had to remind myself of exactly why I was doing this. The fear of becoming a hard fast size 0 alluring junkie was real. Contrary to the comments of my African auntie’s beliefs size 0 was not the goal. To be fit and healthy was. That’s not to say I don’t have body hangs ups. I think any person, boy or girl who says they don’t is lying. I found my true level of self-comfort when I discovered that there is no such thing as they perfect body, but that a healthy body was my ultimate desire.

A true style queen is beautiful in any shape or size, just stay happy, healthy and true to yourself.






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