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Luton Hoo was the charming location for a fairy-tale wedding. The beautiful bride was none other than Kike’s yummy mummy. Kike had the pleasure of being maid of honour and she did it in true style and elegance. If you are a stranger to Nigerian weddings then you are missing out on the best party of your life, filled with colour, food and electric dance moves, I suggest you find one to attend soon.

It was such a busy day  but I (Kike) was able to get a few pictures of my mum before the ceremony began. My mum looked amazing in her bespoke Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi gown. Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi or LDA as I fondly call her, is an aunt of mine who I frequently refer to as the McQueen of Nigeria!

My dress was also an LDA creation but more of a mixture of LDA and Vera-Wang. The bottom half is Vera-Wang and the top half is by LDA, crazy right?

It really was an amazing day and we had a wonderful time!

The tear jerking ceremony

Kike’s dress BEFORE the transformation:

Pure Elegance

(Her dress after)

Mix match of silver and Gold

Our Beautiful friends: Laolu, Tosin & Reni (who is wearing another LDA creation).

The electric dancefloor

Kike getting down !

Kike –  Lanre De Silva Dress & Tobi – Virgos Lounge Dress

We had a wonderful day and we wish the new couple everlasting happiness. We love you both.



The Queens

Everyone should have a space where they go to simply escape, it is the cheapest form of rehab and will help retain your sanity at no extra cost. My escapism is otherwise known as The Farthing Downs. It’s walking distance from my house, I love this place it’s almost better than shopping (I said almost) ! This post was in fact accidental!  Molly the Mini  broke down (serves me right for not walking) and I was stuck waiting for the RAC, so I put the waiting time to good use.

Virgos lounge

Dress – Virgos Lounge

Ring –  Accesorize

What do you do to relax and escape?


The Queens,


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If you are yet to spot the maxi dress as a trend this season, where have you been? The right maxi dress can accentuate your fabulous womanly shape and for us short girls, give us the elongation we sometimes wish for. Once again I ask, if you haven’t been to H&M and grabbed one of their £7.99 maxi dresses, where have you been?  It’s so versatile, you won’t regret it. My sister (of the fabulous Lipstick Boudoir) and I both wear our maxi’s slightly differently, take a look ….


The Queens,



Alexander Wang Rocco Studded bag

There’s something about being within the virtual realm of the blogersphere that makes you feel connected to people that you don’t even know. Instantaneously, you have the liver to proclaim “Oh I love your outfit” or ask “where did you get that ?”, without a glimpse of hesitation. We thought we would make the most of this new virtual boldness and ask to meet up with the creative mastermind behind the most beautiful blog in the blogersphere.

1500hours, Sketch on Conduit street, Olivia of My New Favourite Thing strides towards us ‘Wang’ in hand and perfectly groomed. She’s a total knockout ! It was so refreshing to meet Olivia in person, naturally effervescent and of course stylish in every way. Although we had questions lined up to ask Olivia, the natural flow of our conversation overrode the clichéd structure of an interview hence we have tried to capture the essence of our gabfest in a structured form, for your reading pleasure.

SBQ: Why did you start your blog?

OP: At the time I was working for a well-known magazine, which folded. I was made redundant. As a writer, I had all these thoughts and ideas and I really needed a place to channel them. That’s how the blog came about. It’s only been in the last six months that I have really begun to go for it. Ultimately, it takes a lot more time to put together a post than people think.  Simply because if you are a good writer you want to put your best work out there. Work and life in general keeps me so busy that I don’t get as much time to blog as I would like. I always seem to get a case of blogger’s guilt.

SBQ: What makes you want to keep blogging?

OP: I really enjoy the blogersphere as a whole. It’s surprisingly a really positive, friendly and supportive environment. Where people are really keen to help  and encourage each other.  To me it’s kind of like a refuge, especially when i’ve had a bad day or a tough run at work. Its so refreshing to come home and read such kind words, from people whom you don’t even know.  Ultimately I’m really nosy, I love looking at what’s in people’s bags and what they get up to in their lives. I always have fashion in my head and it is a really big part of my life.

Alexander Wang Rocco Studded bag

SBQ: Who are your style icons?

OP: Miroslava duma, of Russian Harpers Bazaar is absolutely amazing. She has the ability to pull of different looks with such ease, without looking too contrived. She has this great doll like figure but not too skinny, so everything looks great on her. Yep, she definitely has incredible style. The Olsen twins just look fab. They have perfected the downtown New York shabby chic look, which for  most is difficult to pull of and most of us probably couldn’t because we don’t have ‘Olsen-cash’ to back it up. Oh and Chole Sevigny, she can pull off a variety of different styles and outfits, another great style icon.  Having said that, Fashion and dressing up should always be fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, Miroslava does this really well.  The real style icons are the people living and working in london and of course the bloggers. It’s more inspiring when you see a real person with impeccable style looking absolutely amazing. London is full of people with great style and great wardrobes. Although, I have to say I am not a big fan of the whole ‘Shoreditch’ look. Britain’s high-street is the best in the world.

SBQ: What is your ultimate bag ?

OP: It would have to be the Chanel 2.55 in black . The Birkin is another great bag but it is definitely a bag that you have to graduate to.  There’s no point in having a Birkin, if you don’t have the wardrobe to match it, because ultimately if you don’t –  the bag will look like a fake.

SBQ: What do plan to buy next?

OP: Ashish “Same old Chic” T-shirt, absolutely stunning Sass and Bide Tank, Matthew Williams tribal scarf, khaki belted culottes from Zara and a pair of classic ballet pumps.

We had such a lovely lunch, If I lived closer, Sketch would be an extension of my living room . I wish you were all there for our girly confab,  you name it we spoke about it! We even talked about our school days. Ironically Olivia and I (Tobi) actually went to the same school but I was too busy trying to work out how to make the school kilt into some sort of McQueen inspired designed, whilst Olivia was plotting her break through into the fashion world.

We can’t thank Olivia, fashion writer and blogger extraordinaire enough for coming to meet us, her Blog is a must click. Here are the rest of the pictures from our gathering.

Tobi – Zara shorts, H&M vest, Zara bag, RayBan Aviators, H&M Sandals

Kike – Topshop leggings, Zara blouse, Missoni bag, Giant Vintage sunglasses

Small silver ring aboove knuckle – Fashionology

Olivia – Zara trousers, Alexander Wang bag, Rolex,RayBan Aviators , Maison Martin Margiela rings, Topshop shoes and Top

Make sure you click on New Favourite Thing.


The Queens,


Believe it or not this outfit is the product of throwing all of my clothes onto my floor and screaming “I have nothing to wear!” Since graduating last year and starting Law school, I go out less and less. Going on a night out has become somewhat of an infrequent fantasy. All my “going out clothes” from my university years no longer fit me or match the woman I believe I’m becoming. Hence, I literally threw on an oversized t-shirt from H&M’s trend label and paired it with a skinny belt and voila! The bag is an absolute gem, and was a gift from my sister . If you’re outside london Cow Vintage is one of the best vintage stores I have ever stepped into, I thoroughly recommend it.  I took these pictures a while ago and it seems strange looking back on them now because I’ve changed my hair (again!) its a lot shorter and I now have a blonde streak in it, I must have woken up thinking I was Rihanna! I hope to show you in coming posts. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Dress- H&M Trend


Bag-Cow Vintage


The Queens,


P.S Only two more days to enter our fab giveaway! God Luck

Its official ……. we suffer from S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), we’re just not as happy when it’s grey and cold in the month of May. Our summer clothes are itching to be worn yet we’re being forced to retreat back into jumpers. I don’t know about you, but our wardrobe choices are in a state of flux, a bit like our government at the moment *double sigh*.

Today I (Kike) went for contrasting stripes and prints. It seems like a lot but it’s good to mix things up now and again. Try it you might just surprise yourself.

I (Tobi) have been taking some make up tips from Meek n Mild, she is amazingly talented, here I tried her neutral look with a twist. I hope I did you proud !




Tshirt- Topshop


Shoes- Kurt Geiger





Large ring- Topshop

Silver ring- Dorothy Perkins

Shoes-Vintage Nine West

Scarf-Charity Shop

Sadly this post did not transfer from our Tumblr blog. So we decided to repost it. I must say Its our favourite post yet.


The Queens,


“I don’t have anything to wear ?” This is the epidemic that most of of suffer from; from time to time. Here at Stylebyqueens we know exactly how that feels! In reality we have lots of things to chose from, we just have to think a bit harder! Hence today we challenged ourselves to “shop from our closets” and try new combinations… I think we did ok !

This is a first at Stylebyqueens! We’ve never taken pictures together for you guys, so I have to say a special thank you to my (Tobi) Mum for helping us out. Being the amazing Mother that she is she took us out for a lovely bank holiday lunch, a much needed break from the stress of Law School. Thank you Mum x 


Cardigan – Club Monaco, Skirt- Topshop, Boots- River Island, White T – A&F, Bag- Pied a Terre


Shirt – H&M, Leggings – Topshop, Shoes – New Look, Bag – Mullberry, Coat – Primark

We had lunch at Jom Makan in Westfield, we highly recommend this restaurant. The food was Yummy and oh so purse friendly! 

What did you guys get up to today ?





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Yesterday was my friends baby shower! I couldn’t be any happier for her, she is an amazing friend and is going to be an amazing mother. She has to be the luckiest mother-to-be I know, she’s had no sickness, no aches, no pains, nothing, in fact it has been the perfect pregnancy. In addition it was such a glorious day! The battery of my camera died, so I couldn’t take any pictures of the yummy mummy, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that she looked stunning. I did manage to get a picture of all the cakes though (trust me) they were delicious! There is nothing more beautiful than womanhood!

Dress – Topshop



The Queens

We love birthdays here at Style By Queens. Not only is it a chance to be thankful and to celebrate another year added to our lives, we get to dress up :-). 

The only other girl that is my (Kike) shoe size, Steph Faderin turned 21 last week and I just had to show you some of the fabulous outfits worn!

P.s The boys make their debut!


Top -TopShop

Trousers -Urban Outfitters


Dress -Urban Outfitters

Belt -TopShop

Shoes -Steve Madden

Our GQ shot!


Jacket -TopMan

Shirt -Zara

Trousers -Zara

Belt -Hermes

Shoes -Salvatore Feragamo


Dress -Jasmine Di Milo

Shoes -Christian Louboutin


Blazer -TopMan

Trousers -Zara

Tshirt -5 Star General

Handkerchief -Tie Rack

The Birthday Girl -Steph!

My darling Steph had her dress made by a seamstress in Manchester.

Happy Birthday Steph!





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