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You all know about Pop Magazine, but what about Pop’Africana?

Pop’Africana is more than a magazine, it embodies a fashion revolution that “black is here to stay”. Many other “Black” publications lack that editorial edge that sends your sensory nervous system into fashion overload. Pop’Africana, far from exceeded my expectations overflowing with inspiring images that can rival any of the high fashion magazines. Nonetheless, it is not to be mistaken as a publication for one race, Pop’Africana inspires all. Oroma, the editor and creative director, is a true visionary with an inspiring passion contributing to the magazine’s success and overall dynamic vision. The blog, has provided an excellent platform and has only fuelled my excitement even further. This is a publication that is about to explode!

I’m so excited, the beautiful editor Oroma (as seen in the pictures above) is sending me a copy and I should be receiving it soon. Find out how to get your copy here.  Don’t forget our fantastic giveaway, good luck to all that have entered so far, the response has been overwhelming !


The Queens,


Sources: PopAfricana, thepopafricanablog


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