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It doesn’t get more classic than a quilted Chanel bag. If Audrey Hepburn had to be a bag, of course she would be a Chanel. Hence it is the epitome of elegance matched with a beautiful LBD. As my best friends says “handbags are a big girls game,” I haven’t quite got an invitation to play yet. In the mean time I can always admire from a far. Yoko, is a girl after my own Chanel lusting heart ….. So lets take a look at what’s in Yoko’s bag…

Yoko, has her luscious purple diary which she got from Japan to make sure she never misses any important dates and events and of course to help her keep up to speed with the madness that Law School can throw at you. Every girl’s bag has some form of beauty products or makeup in it, to ensure that we look our best at all times and Yoko is no exception. She can’t leave the house without her Eve Lom Kiss Mix, with its moisturising and healing ingredients, perfect all year round for soft lips. Yoko’s favourite Nail varnish at the moment is MonSoon or Later by OPI, which is a great coral-red. OPI have a great website where you can try nail colours on according to your skin tone!

Any commuter in London knows that you very quickly lose your sanity whilst traveling on the tube, bus or train. The smart commuter, like Yoko always carries a novel, for those moments where you need to escape the madness. The umbrella needs no explanation and that gorgeous soft brown leather Prada purse speaks for itself.  Thank you Yoko for letting me snoop in your bag!


The Queens,



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