Between us this month Kike and I have done rather a lot of traveling. At the moment I am in Frankfurt after an intense two weeks in the London office, working hard I must add. My knowledge of German leaves nothing to be desired, so my trip has been incredibly eventful, on the other hand I am learning a lot about my self out here. My new found discoveries came to me like an epiphany, here are some of them:

  1. I am over reliant on the internet. In my defence upon arrival, not speaking and inch of German and with a long list of work related tasks that needed to be completed via the internet. My ‘no-internet’ induced panic attack was justified.
  2. Interning is hard, you have to be constantly prepared and ridiculously helpful at all times, but it is more than worth it.
  3. I miss my friends and family dearly. So much so, that I incurred 30 mins of roaming charges on my phone, helping my mum set up skype so I could talk to my parents, regularly.
  4. My sister is like my partner in crime, life is not as funny without her.
  5. I secretly enjoy having a corporate wardrobe Monday to Friday (shhhhhh!) . Although I am currently suffering from Loubiton envy. They are everywhere in the London office !

On the weekend I went to the top of one of Frankfurt’s highest building to take in the amazing views of Germany’s financial epi-centre. The office is the third building from the left, the view from my room on the 37th floor is just as breathtaking.

The famous twin towers of Duetsche bank

The best thing about working here is the 6 minute walk to work. Beats fighting to be squashed like a rat on the jubilee line to get to Canary Wharf any day. I walk under this bridge everyday, if I were a designer this would be inspiration for my ’12 Autumn/Winter Collection.

Bag, Cardigan& Top – Zara, Shorts – Ebay Purchase

I’m looking forward to my last week in Frankfurt and coming home at the ripe old of age of 22! My childhood is officially over!


The Queens,