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Great things have been happening with the blog and now we are moving to ……..

We are so excited about moving to our new home and we are in the process of redirecting the old blog, but feel free to bookmark the new address!


The Queens,


Take a bit of Brick Lane loving and add a sunny, cheerful, stylish Canadian native and you get ‘The F Blog‘. Evidently beautiful on the outside with a dash on joy on the inside,  Daniella’s blog and personal sense of style is rippling through the blogersphere. The alluring collection of shots on ‘The F Blog’ could easily be the poster ad campaign for stylish East London living.  I’m utterly in love with this shot above, most probably because both Kike and I are ring fanatics, we love to pile them on just like Daniela. With an irrepressible sparkling personality, Daniella has to be one of the most delightful bloggers we’ve met so far.

Everything about Daniella is so effortless, in addition her blog is another must click.


The Queens,



The Orangery, Kensington palace, an enchanted haven for all admirers of true beauty. Perfect for celebrating the birthday of the phenomenal Platform Princess. So a bunch of bloggers got together and in true blogger style and ate cake. From cover to cover we all had a fantastic day, I’m sure Princess Diana would have  been proud of our endless laughs and creative outfits. We captured so many great moments, too many to put in one post, so we made a video just for you. In order to get the full Style By Queens experience, we suggest you watch the video in full screen mode.

We are still blogging babies, yet we have been inundated with support from all our readers and fellow bloggers. We can’t thank you enough! To all our new sartorial blogger friends, we think you are all incredible. Can’t wait to see you all again!

Video featured: Jackie of Platform Princess, Daniella of The F Blog, Jill of Street Style London, Shini of Park & Cube, Kit of Style Slicker, Lucy of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Jen of Style Crusader, Jennifer of Style East, Nicole from Power of BeautyNot Just Medical, Fiona of Save Our Shoes.


The Queens



Alexander Wang Rocco Studded bag

There’s something about being within the virtual realm of the blogersphere that makes you feel connected to people that you don’t even know. Instantaneously, you have the liver to proclaim “Oh I love your outfit” or ask “where did you get that ?”, without a glimpse of hesitation. We thought we would make the most of this new virtual boldness and ask to meet up with the creative mastermind behind the most beautiful blog in the blogersphere.

1500hours, Sketch on Conduit street, Olivia of My New Favourite Thing strides towards us ‘Wang’ in hand and perfectly groomed. She’s a total knockout ! It was so refreshing to meet Olivia in person, naturally effervescent and of course stylish in every way. Although we had questions lined up to ask Olivia, the natural flow of our conversation overrode the clichéd structure of an interview hence we have tried to capture the essence of our gabfest in a structured form, for your reading pleasure.

SBQ: Why did you start your blog?

OP: At the time I was working for a well-known magazine, which folded. I was made redundant. As a writer, I had all these thoughts and ideas and I really needed a place to channel them. That’s how the blog came about. It’s only been in the last six months that I have really begun to go for it. Ultimately, it takes a lot more time to put together a post than people think.  Simply because if you are a good writer you want to put your best work out there. Work and life in general keeps me so busy that I don’t get as much time to blog as I would like. I always seem to get a case of blogger’s guilt.

SBQ: What makes you want to keep blogging?

OP: I really enjoy the blogersphere as a whole. It’s surprisingly a really positive, friendly and supportive environment. Where people are really keen to help  and encourage each other.  To me it’s kind of like a refuge, especially when i’ve had a bad day or a tough run at work. Its so refreshing to come home and read such kind words, from people whom you don’t even know.  Ultimately I’m really nosy, I love looking at what’s in people’s bags and what they get up to in their lives. I always have fashion in my head and it is a really big part of my life.

Alexander Wang Rocco Studded bag

SBQ: Who are your style icons?

OP: Miroslava duma, of Russian Harpers Bazaar is absolutely amazing. She has the ability to pull of different looks with such ease, without looking too contrived. She has this great doll like figure but not too skinny, so everything looks great on her. Yep, she definitely has incredible style. The Olsen twins just look fab. They have perfected the downtown New York shabby chic look, which for  most is difficult to pull of and most of us probably couldn’t because we don’t have ‘Olsen-cash’ to back it up. Oh and Chole Sevigny, she can pull off a variety of different styles and outfits, another great style icon.  Having said that, Fashion and dressing up should always be fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, Miroslava does this really well.  The real style icons are the people living and working in london and of course the bloggers. It’s more inspiring when you see a real person with impeccable style looking absolutely amazing. London is full of people with great style and great wardrobes. Although, I have to say I am not a big fan of the whole ‘Shoreditch’ look. Britain’s high-street is the best in the world.

SBQ: What is your ultimate bag ?

OP: It would have to be the Chanel 2.55 in black . The Birkin is another great bag but it is definitely a bag that you have to graduate to.  There’s no point in having a Birkin, if you don’t have the wardrobe to match it, because ultimately if you don’t –  the bag will look like a fake.

SBQ: What do plan to buy next?

OP: Ashish “Same old Chic” T-shirt, absolutely stunning Sass and Bide Tank, Matthew Williams tribal scarf, khaki belted culottes from Zara and a pair of classic ballet pumps.

We had such a lovely lunch, If I lived closer, Sketch would be an extension of my living room . I wish you were all there for our girly confab,  you name it we spoke about it! We even talked about our school days. Ironically Olivia and I (Tobi) actually went to the same school but I was too busy trying to work out how to make the school kilt into some sort of McQueen inspired designed, whilst Olivia was plotting her break through into the fashion world.

We can’t thank Olivia, fashion writer and blogger extraordinaire enough for coming to meet us, her Blog is a must click. Here are the rest of the pictures from our gathering.

Tobi – Zara shorts, H&M vest, Zara bag, RayBan Aviators, H&M Sandals

Kike – Topshop leggings, Zara blouse, Missoni bag, Giant Vintage sunglasses

Small silver ring aboove knuckle – Fashionology

Olivia – Zara trousers, Alexander Wang bag, Rolex,RayBan Aviators , Maison Martin Margiela rings, Topshop shoes and Top

Make sure you click on New Favourite Thing.


The Queens,


Yesterday I attended a blogger workshop hosted by the lovely Jill of Street Style London and Jen of The Style Crusader @Sketchbook’s pop up store off Carnaby street. I ran most of the way there from Law school I didn’t want to miss anything that these wonderful ladies had to share. The workshop was more than insightful and it was so nice to meet other great bloggers (who really don’t bite).

Lo’ and behold I was late …. but fortunately I didn’t miss out on much.

The gorgeous Toni from Fashion Cloud shared her electric blogging experiences! That’s her natural hair colour btw isn’t it amazing?

I spotted Natayla’s (of Treasures of a Lady Bug) arm candy as soon as I sat down, especially that Hermes bracelet ! I might have to invest in one  sometime soon.

Thank You Sketchbook Magazine! The Pop up store is still open and they have just launched a new exhibition, which is definitely worth checking out!

Thank you Jill & Jen

P.S These vintage Nine West patent nude shoes are a joy! I found them in Rockit Vintage yesterday! You will be seeing them in a post near you soon!


The Queens,



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