I’ve been a bit MIA from the blog, my apologies! I’ve been to three continents in three weeks, first Barbados, then back to London and now I’m in the States, California actually.

It’s been such a great summer so far, unfortunately I haven’t done much shopping. I always feel America doesn’t really have anything that caters to my “style”. I did however find a really cute jumpsuit which I’m wearing in the photos below. If we have any readers from the O.C or L.A, I would love it if you could suggest some really good vintage or jewellery stores!

I was feeling very colourful yesterday, with this jumpsuit I decided to wear some red lipstick and a green waistbelt -don’t be afraid to experiment with colours.

A bit of love from Barbados:

Jumpsuit – Urban Outfitters

Shades -Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lipstick -RussianRed by MAC