It’s my “Sister Girl” , Tobi’s birthday today !

Tobi, (I was tempted to type in your Government name but I thought I’d spare you the embarrassment. Haha! ) you are such a beautiful, smart, selfless woman (yes, WOMAN) and I’m so blessed to know you. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday my love! You’re not only my friend or blogging partner, you’re my partner -in-crime, my right leg and most importantly my Sister!

I love you!

Dear Readers: Please leave a Birthday message for Tobi in our comment box and let’s make sure she has the best birthday ever! She’s in Germany at the moment so let’s send her a lot of Birthday Love.

P.s I had a very embarrassing photo of Tobi that I was tempted to put up, but I was afraid she’d kill me and I would like to be around for her wedding and the births of her children. 🙂

Love to my fellow Queen!

Kike x