Stand out accessories are simply the icing on the cake! Just a quick post today, busy day ahead. At the moment I’m loving accessories that can double up as a rape weapon! The chunkier and bigger the better.

Cuff – Urban Outfitters, Two-fingered ring – H

Just by the way ….. Thank you to all of those people who commented in support on the most recent post regarding kike’s mum’s wedding. SBQ received a rather disrespectful comment recently. It was saddening because the wedding celebrations couldn’t be any more deserved by Kike’s parents. The comments were particularly pitiful because the story behind the wedding, is one of true hard work and inspiration and nothing more.  To put it all in a bit more perspective please watch the video below……… Kike, our StyleQueen is a true inspiration, I love her to bits. If you can please support the cause it truly is a great one!


The Queens,