Today was our last Law School exam and in-fact one of our most challenging. If you know anything about leveraged management buyouts, IRR’s and Rachet calculations,  you will know exactly why!  Nonetheless, we could not be happier that it is over! For both of us this is quite and exciting but daunting turning point in our lives for the first time ever  neither of us are 100% sure about what destiny has planned for us from September. Regardless we can promise you an abundance of fashion fantasies. Without sounding  like too much of an acceptance speech, we just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us through Law School. Especially our parents ! Stay tuned to find out what’s next ! Don’t forget our giveaway ends tomorrow !

The amazing venue of our Exam

Trying to figure out if Tax exemptions apply to an Earn-Out

Kike’s wrist adornment – she doesn’t leave the house without it!

Final Consolidation !


The Queens,