Halfway through revision, I came across some old pictures of Tobi and I. We’ve changed! Not only have we grown as women, we’ve evolved style wise! It’s quite interesting to see that a lot of things we wore even 3 years ago, we probably wouldn’t wear today! Writing this post also made me realize how similar we are in almost every sense of the word!

I love you Tobz!!

Haha, my first attempt at Lipliner -NEVER AGAIN! I wonder if Tobi still has this dress. We were both wearing dresses from Zara.

My 20th birthday. Smothering her with sloppy kisses. Lol

See how similar we are? Same phones AND we dance the same way. Lol. (Tobi is selling that skirt here, make sure you check it out!)

Our Summer holiday in Nigeria. Tobz will you be wearing those shorts again? I must definitely will NOT be wearing this Maxi. (….I wonder where it is!)

LOL. Tobi and I fell in love with the A&F model on their carrier bags. I think we named him “Tom”.

The way I did my make-up started to change here. Tobi introduced me to the “NARS Body Glow” and I haven’t looked back since!

Our trip to NYC! It was such a short trip but we had a great time. She took the first photo and I took the second. We’re dressed practically the same here too!

The day we met Dawn from Danity Kane (RIP DK)! Those chunky necklaces… I have no clue where mine is… not sure I would wear that cardigan with the hood today either!

BrickLane Day! We had a mini photoshoot! Channelling our inner “Naomi” and “Tyra”.

It was such a relief to graduate. We started together and finished together. One of the happiest days of our lives. (… we’re still at it but you get the idea). You can’t see our clothes, but Tobi was wearing a beautiful dress from Karen Millen and I was wearing a skirt suit with an embellished top, also from Karen Millen.

My 21st birthday. Tobi was an star that day! She got me one of my most comfortable shoes ever for my birthday, from Steve Madden. Her dress is from H&M and mine was made by my aunt, who is a fashion designer in Nigeria, LanreDaSilvaAjayi. Oh and Tobi did my make-up too!

Tobi’s hot shoes from Zara.

Sometimes friendships can be so easy! Especially when you have similar interests and love the same things!

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Love, Friendship & Fashion.