Kike and myself got talking and neither of us could remember our first Vogue. In some cultures the right of passage to womanhood is reaching puberty, your first period and sadly sometimes female circumcision.  For us it was clear, that our right of passage into ‘fashionhood’ was that moment when we put gleefully invested in our first copy of Vogue. Now our parents may strongly disagree whilst reading this and faint at the fact that we dared to utter Vogue as an investment. However Millions of women across the world “ohh and ahh” over the luscious fashion editorials and the thought-provoking articles.

So we decided to find a Vogue from our month and year of birth. For Instance Kike is October 1988, so she would have been ‘Vogued’ in the November 1988 Issue ( as they always publish one month ahead).

Kike – November 1988 US Vogue

This was the first US cover that Anna Wintour edited! A woman who believes that fashion and politics are interconnected -a woman after my own heart!  The magazine was said to have become boring before Anna Wintour was appointed editor in 1988. This cover gave it a facelift. It was usually just the head-shots of the models, but this cover marked the first of it’s kind, with the frame pushed back to show most of the model’s body. Now we see more of the fashion. Anna Wintour with this cover, made the magazine what it was really about -FASHION.
I love this cover mainly because it’s so vibrant and I love the top, the  model, Micaela Bercu has on; it was by Christian Lacroix. It shows how fashion really has evolved but yet, keeps coming back,  I could easily wear that top and pair of jeans today. In fact, I think I just got inspired by my Vogue Cover!

Tobi – August 1988 French Vogue

This was the first time a black model ever graced the cover’s of French Vogue……. almost like an Obama moment in fashion. “Yes We Can!” It is said that this cover came about after friend and mentor, Yves St. Laurent, threatened to withdraw all of his advertising from the publication after it refused to place Naomi, or any black model, on its cover. Naomi’s present troubles are no secret but the sense of pride that I get from this cover erases all. She looks so young and so fresh faced here….. I wonder if she knew at this point just how much of an Icon she would become?

We thought it would be fun to tag other bloggers to find out when they were ‘Vogued’ , and their thoughts and feelings of buying their first one. It can be any Vogue from around the world. We Can’t wait to see when you were ‘Vogued’! So we tag …..

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We love to hear from all of you out there, what your first memories of ‘Vogue’ are. x


The Queens,