The Orangery, Kensington palace, an enchanted haven for all admirers of true beauty. Perfect for celebrating the birthday of the phenomenal Platform Princess. So a bunch of bloggers got together and in true blogger style and ate cake. From cover to cover we all had a fantastic day, I’m sure Princess Diana would have  been proud of our endless laughs and creative outfits. We captured so many great moments, too many to put in one post, so we made a video just for you. In order to get the full Style By Queens experience, we suggest you watch the video in full screen mode.

We are still blogging babies, yet we have been inundated with support from all our readers and fellow bloggers. We can’t thank you enough! To all our new sartorial blogger friends, we think you are all incredible. Can’t wait to see you all again!

Video featured: Jackie of Platform Princess, Daniella of The F Blog, Jill of Street Style London, Shini of Park & Cube, Kit of Style Slicker, Lucy of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Jen of Style Crusader, Jennifer of Style East, Nicole from Power of BeautyNot Just Medical, Fiona of Save Our Shoes.


The Queens