After studying Law, Isoken Ogiemwonyi decided to pursue her dream, a life in fashion. She’s been designing for a few years and finally her work is getting the appreciation it deserves! We had a chance to catch up with Isoken to discuss her line, O B S I D I A N and her new collection, “Control”.

SBQ: What type of woman is the “Control” Collection for?

IO: When I was designing the collection, I had the quintessential Obsidian woman in mind – She is strong and feminine but not necessarily overbearing. She’s self assured and confident, and she ENJOYS fashion immensely, without over-intellectualising it.

SBQ: Why “Control”, where did you get your inspiration from?

IO: Well, I was initially inspired by Rita Hayworth’s character in ‘ The Lady From Shanghai’. Her poise and the mix of strength and vulnerability was something I tried to portray in my fabric choices.  I especially like the way the blush pink cord lace and silk organza dress turned out, a simple enough silhouette, with enough detail to keep it interesting.  I think every woman likes to feel in control, and a great aspect of fashion is that you are in control of the image you project to the world. On a subconscious level, I feel like that’s what fashion is about!
Quite frankly, I also make sure I enjoy the process, have a little bit of fun with it all – which is why I incorporated my OBSESSION with shine and texture. The cord sequinned lace is a bit difficult to work with but I am more than satisfied with the result!

SBQ: What are your future plans for O B S I D I A N?

IO: For the immediate future, I have my website launch and the pop-up store collaboration with Le Petite Marche Lagos in the next few months, and of course, preparation for next season has started as well.  In the long term, we are working towards building a strong brand in Nigeria, eventually in Africa (haha and then world domination!) . I also hope to get a brick-and-mortar store in the next few years and participate in major shows!

SBQ: Where can we buy pieces from the collection?

IO:The website will be the exclusive retailer once it goes live, but I am taking individual orders at the moment. We are also in talks with a few retailers in Lagos and some online stores as well, so I might be announcing other stockists soon.

Thank you for supporting the Obsidian brand!

We’ve seen the emergence of the Obsidian brand from its conception and the journey is one that its creator Isoken, should be immensely proud of! The product of hard work, dedication and perfection of craft has birthed a collection that any woman of African or Non-African descent can wear.

The film below only adds excitement to the Obsidian aesthetic and is truly a step forward in the future of Lagos fashion! We’re excited to see what the future holds for Nigerian-born brands such as Obsidian!