It’s been a while……. Happy Easter! My darling Kike is away in the US of A on holiday. I cant wait for her to come back so we can blog blog blog and catch up! I know Kike’s having handbags of fun, maybe if we’re lucky we have a cross-boarder post about all her adventures. 

I had nooo idea what to wear to church this morning and spent most of my time throwing clothes around my room, whilst my Mum was urging me to hurry up. Lo and behold my sister was the one that made us late……

Happy Mornings!

My Grandma left her bag at our house some years ago, so you could say I’m just looking after it for her……

Eventually, she decided to grace us with her presence…..

Blazer – Zara

Harem Pants- H&M


Bag- Some Market in Nigeria

Bracelet Watch – Gucci 

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