An Introduction to the Personal Style of a Queen”

MoodRing: A ring that changes colour in response to the body’s emotions and moods.

Tobi & I’s style depends on our mood and how we want to look and feel that particular day.

Bad Ass Chic

My moods change like the weather. Today was my “Bad-Ass-Chic” day; frankly this is my mood most days! I decided to embrace my “inner-fierce” and independence. There’s just something about “black” that gives off that vibe.

Love, love, love, black. It’s the one colour that works for all shapes and sizes and it still gives it that classy/chic feel no matter what!

Black is beautiful because with it, I can accessorize to my satisfaction! In the photo, I am wearing my favourite piece of jewellery which I love to call my “earlace”. I saw it on Rihanna last year and HAD to get it. Here’s the website if you’re interested:

It’s always nice to wear a very striking lip colour if you are going for this look. Black is great but sometimes a little bit of colour adds a bit extra to the outfit.

Tobi and I went shopping one day and we both had to get the vest I’m wearing (as always LOL). It’s faux fur and our latest claim to fame is *drum roll please* KIM KARDASHIAN HAS THE SAME VEST!

Black dress: Topshop.

Faux Fur Vest: H&M

Jewellery: Spacelite Vintage, Vintage shop, All Saints.


“Feminine state of bliss”

Today I am surprisingly happy and embracing all the amazing beauties of womanhood. I love playing dress up especially when I have no where to go. Today my moodring would be a blushing pink or a delicate lilac. Which is, somewhat of a juxtaposition along side the”badassness” of Kike’s black. This dress reminds me of a romantic ruffled rendezvous on a glorious sunny day in Parisian tea room. Ok, so this is clearly a fashion fantasy, but you get the picture. My ring was purchased from Topshop in a moment of delusion of grandure. I was clearly inspired when Jay-Z said “Cuz that rock on your finger’s like a tumor, you can’t fit your hand in your new purse”

Dress: H&M

Ring: Topshop


The Queens: Tobi & Kike